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Welcome to Inis Cairde!

Our beginning program takes the first step towards nurturing in your child a love of Irish dance and music in a positive, family-focused community environment.


Through our fast-paced, once-weekly classes, you’ll be able to watch your budding dancer progress from those tentative first jig steps into confidently dancing full-out for family and friends at the Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade, our recital and more! With our huge inventory of used costumes and dancing shoes to choose from, outfitting your new dancer won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Your new dancer can even explore the option of competing in Irish dancing at our annual local competition, the Raleigh Feis (“Fesh”). Run entirely by Inis Cairde parent volunteers, our feis offers categories from brand new beginners all the way to our highest competitive level, Open Championship. There is something for everyone!


Is your dancer busy? At Inis Cairde, dancers can tailor their long-term involvement here to match their individual schedules with affordable, once-weekly classes that progress through the Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Interested in getting more involved? We have a program for that, too, that features multiple classes a week and increased opportunities for competition. Please see our Competitive Program page for more information.

Mini Beginners is for new dancers ages 3.5 - 5 years of age, Mini Beginnings+ is for returning Mini dancers and Beginning I is for dancers 6 and up, as of August 31st of the current year. 


Mini Beginning meets once a week for 30 minutes, while Minis+ and Beginning I classes meet once a week for 45 minutes.

Tuition is $80 a month for Minis+ and Beginning I and $65 for Mini Beginnings, with a once yearly registration fee of $40 per dancer (max $65 per family)

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