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We thought we had found a dance school, but what we really discovered was an wonderful, safe environment for our daughter to develop her independence. From learning to tie her shoes, to mastering a tricky new step, Inis Cairde has been a constant backdrop against which she can explore what she is capable of doing.

Roz Mauger

IC parent since 2007

I can attest to the fact that our daughter is a better student, a better athlete and a more capable human being because she is surrounded by loving and patient teachers, who are never rigid or unyielding. I can’t imagine our life without Meighan Carpenter and our family at Inis Cairde. 

Melissa Shaheen

IC parent since 2009

We greatly appreciate having Irish dance teachers & an owner who are both gifted and skilled instructors and also encouraging, kind mentors. There is a real camaraderie among dancers of all ages; we love the welcoming, wholesome family atmosphere of the school and also the joyful tone of the classes.

Laurie Murphy

IC parent since 2014

At Inis Cairde, not only has my daughter learned the Irish Dance technique to become a championship dancer, she has taken away qualities such as friendship, teamwork, hard work, sportsmanship, culture, a sense of community, and a drive to succeed.  As a parent, I am thrilled to see her walk in and out of class each day smiling.

Kat Presti

IC parent since 2009

I would highly recommend this studio as it truly cares about your child from a holistic perspective- teaching technique while sharing their passions; the classes and times make participating in other school or extracurricular activities easier; and, it is an atmosphere that feels like family.

Jessica Kelly

IC parent since 2011

We love the families that make up IC. We also love to be able to make dance what we want to make dance. We like that we have the freedom to pick and choose where we go for competitions. The instruction is the right amount of push plus the right amount of encouragement and embracing for our dancers.

Leanne Camp

IC parent since 2010

During our time at Inis Cairde, my daughter has not only become a beautiful dancer, but a wonderful person, too! Meighan Carpenter has helped instill in her a sense of focus, teamwork, and love of dance. Whether you are looking for recreational or competitive irish dance, Inis Cairde will help your child reach his or her individual goal.

Kristen Argent

IC parent since 2008

Inis Cairde is the happy place for my high school student. It is a studio that values her academic work while challenging her to improve her dancing. It is a place where she can burn off stress before a test, but can leave early when needed to study and prepare for school. It is a great balance. 

Cindy Brown

IC parent since 2009

Irish dance at Inis Cairde helped my children set goals and understand the work it takes to achieve them, as well as the grace it takes when you don't. As a parent I saw my watched my children progress to open championship, all while giving back to the community through performance and sharing their love of dance. They love their teacher Meighan.

Lisa Dreier

IC parent since 2000

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