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Inis Cairde School of Irish Dance

2019 World Championship Dance Drama Team


Welcome Back!

Happy 2019! Before we go any further, please enjoy this video of our dance drama team competing at the Oireachtas, courtesy of an anonymous fan in the audience :)

New Videos from March!

OK! Opening three trees have a new footwork sequence right at the beginning:
We've reworked the entrance of the royals so that Layla doesn't have a crazy traffic pattern getting to the other side. This will mean that Nina will wind up between Hermione and Layla for the royal entrance:
Here's the continuation of that scene for especially the townies; Nina, you will be on the outside of Layla, and when the other group comes to you, you'll use the left 7 to turn with Maggie (should be pretty straightforward from the video). Then head to the corner on Layla's side and put your hand out for Bella on 7:
Some quick changes to the fast hornpipe section in that Bella now goes to the other side of the stage when the townies come on, and the townies approach Freya asking for coins and get blown off:
Lastly, here's the new Nose Reveal that will hopefully morph into Caroline in a full-size nose costume. It's not the latest, so pay more attention to the video above if you are a townie:
March 2019 Videos

New Counts!

2.17.19 We are shaving down some of our opening scenes in order to be able to develop the nose scene at the end.
Please review the updated counts for both the opening trees section and the entrance of the royals in the videos below. townies in particular please make sure that you know these cold so that we can get cracking on Sunday!
one more note to the townies: we are going to bring Bella in four bars earlier in the hopes of trimming the slow hornpipe; please review the updated footwork (not on video). 
February 2019

Oireachtas 2018 Music

Our music for 2019 will be re-edited, but just for funsies, here's what we used in December:
Brown-Haired Boy FINALSean O'Brien
Breakdown of the music by scene:
Scene 1, Trees: 0:00-1:21
Scene 2A, Townies (slow HP): 1:20-2:30
Scene 2B, Royals (reel): 2:30-3:22
Scene 3, Trees: 3:21-4:04
Scene 4A, Townies (fast HP): 4:02-4:32
Scene 4B, the Nose (reel): 4:13-5:17
Scene 4C, the Pear, finale (reel): 5:17-5:51
Our Music
January Videos

Practice 1/27 & 2/3/19

Change to Bella's initial entrance with trees:
Updated Fast HP townies, 1.27.19
Scene 2B: the Royals
Scene 3: A 2nd Chance, an Apple
Scene 4: The King is Tricked
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