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Inis Cairde School of Irish Dance

2019 Sunday Worlds Ceili Teams


What's on here:

Welcome back, everyone, and happy 2019! Welcome to our weekly teams update page, where we post notes and videos from team practice on Sundays. We do our best to update this page weekly so that the dancers can check their counts and choreography during the week (especially right before their next class). 
The menu to the left has a link to each team's dance so that you can jump down.

Fort Mill Feis Teams

Fort Mill Teams

Raleigh Feis Teams

Raleigh Feis Teams

High Cauled Cap

2.17.19 Practice
Great work today, everyone! We worked quite a bit on clean, dynamic footwork, carriage (arms, smile and chest up), and cleaning up counts on the following movements of the High Caul Cap:
  • Double Quarter Chain
  • Ladies Interlace
  • Gents Interlace
Please watch the following and be sure that you know the following for next week:
  • your counts for catching and dropping hands
  • whether you catch in a plus, a box, or an X
  • the counts where you need to look across the square to check your spacing
Practice 2.17.19
Double Quarter Chain
Ladies Interlace
Gents Interlace
HCC First Half to Gents Interlace
HCC Second Half, Gents Inerlace to End
U13 HCC 2.17.19
Gents Interlace
U13 Lannigan's Ball

Lannigan's Ball

At the end of practice we ran through Lannigan's Ball just to keep the dance in our heads. The first video is the first half of the dance and the second video is the second half. Again, watch carefully and make sure you know the order of the movements and all of your counts!
Here's Lead Round in Centre from our practice before the Raleigh Feis, 2.10.19

Cross Reel

Today we focused on dynamic footwork, plus shoulders, arms, chest and face in terms of presentation and carriage.
We reviewed the Cross Reel in sections, clarifying a few counts and cleaning up Extended Sides, the Full Chain, the Gents Interlace and the Back-to-Back.
Here's a video of the back-to-back:
Here are the notes that you all took in the ceili notebook:
And here is a video of each team performing the entire dance from start to finish:
Cross Reel 2.17.19

Trip to the Cottage

U16/U19 Trip 2.3.19
Junior/Senior U/O16 Cross Reel

1.20.19 Today we worked on the first half of the body of the dance, see notes. We changed the style of coming out of the rings of four into the open arm dance around hands to look more like this, wher arms come up slowly on the two back 2 3's, so just watch that transition:

We then spent a ton of time of the first dance around. This is the way we have always done it in the past, where the couples pass through the line the first time as quickly as possible, but it makes getting home quick and tricky:


We tried a totally different approach which I think I like better because it gives us more time to create a smooth transition into the 2nd half of the body:


Here's the reference team at Worlds 2018. I don't like bar 8, but I do like the style:

And here's our first try at it:

1.1.14: worked on the footwork for the 3-facing-3 advance/retire at the start of both halves of the body of the dance, see the following notes:


Here's the start of each half of the body so that you can see the advance & retire from both directions:

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