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Inis Cairde School of Irish Dance


Dress Rehearsal Videos!

FINAL MUSIC EDIT from Sean! Please listen because it's a little bit different from the one we were using on Sunday:
Brown-Haired Boy FINALSean O'Brien
Breakdown of the music by scene:
Scene 1, Trees: 0:00-1:21
Scene 2A, Townies (slow HP): 1:20-2:30
Scene 2B, Royals (reel): 2:30-3:22
Scene 3, Trees: 3:21-4:04
Scene 4A, Townies (fast HP): 4:02-4:32
Scene 4B, the Nose (reel): 4:13-5:17
Scene 4C, the Pear, finale (reel): 5:17-5:51
View #1, 11.18.18:
Like I said on Tuesday, this is going to be judged by the same adjudicators who are judging your solos, and all of them will take into account first the quality of your dancing.
As you watch each video,
make note of where you are less sure of the choreography (that includes reactions, emotions and gestures, not just footwork!)
PRACTICE with the music above 
Critique the following as if you were judging:
1. your timing
2. your rhythm
3. your turnout
4. your lift, in back and in front (to your bum, front click height)
5. whether or not you know what you're doing
Remember that we can have the following:
1. the coolest story
2. the prettiest costumes
3. the most sophisticated choreography
4. the most seamless music
5. the funniest joke scene
6. the cleverest set
...and that all of it is for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if you don't focus on your dancing technique.
It's completely in your hands now. You've been handed the absolute top of the world in every other aspect of this drama, now it's your responsibility to raise your dancing to match it. This is the first draft of a drama that could absolutely win the world, but that's up to all of you now. No one else can dance it for you.
View #2, 11.18.18:
View #3, 11.18.18:
View #4, 11.18.18:
Fast HP Footwork, 11.18.18

2018-19 Dance Drama

Scene I: The Forest & the Gift

Watercolor Brush 17

Videos from practice on 10/28

Videos from practice on 10/14

Watercolor Brush 17
Scene I: Forest and Gift
Scene 2A: the Town

Scene 2A: Townies

Videos from 10.28.18

Videos from 10/12/18

Watercolor Brush 16
Scene 2B: the Royals

Scene 2B: Royals/Theft

Townies entrance with modified footwork 11.11.18

Townies after D is presented 11.12.18

Stealing the purse, 11.12.18

Royal Entrance 11.3.18


Royal Entrance 11.4.18

Scene 3: A 2nd Chance, an Apple

Scene 3: A Second Chance, an Apple

Trees Scene 2 as of Monday, 11.12.18

second tree scene, 11.4.18
Scene 4: The King is Tricked

Scene 4: The King is Tricked

Townies, Royals, Boy
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