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Inis Cairde School of Irish Dance

2018 Teams 3 & Show Choreography

Christmas in Killarney Routine

In October we started talking about the possibility of Christmas shows, and thought it would be fun to have some holiday dances to do, just in case. 


Brita and I whipped out this little beauty of a song called Christmas in Killarney, by the Irish Rovers, and put together a festive light jig routine for everyone to work on together.

It's a really upbeat light jig that we used years and years ago for a show at the North Hills Christmas Tree Lighting, and although we've long since forgotten that dance, the song is a lot of fun.

for next year, we'd love to offer more Christmas performing opportunities for those dancers who are interested, especially those dancers who aren't planning to attend the Oireachtas. Always looking for ways to foster all of our love for dance outside of the competitive arena!

In the mean time, we do have a European Holiday Market performance scheduled for Saturday, December 9th at 10:00am. Signup is coming.

Here's what we've got so far for our Christmas jig:

Good Time Choreography
Christmas in Killarney routine

Good Time Choreography

We started off the semester working through a really fun reel choreography that can be done with as few as one 2H or as many 2H's as space permits. I hope we'll get to do this quite a bit at upcoming shows!

The dancers and I all had a great time putting this together, and I know they really enjoyed adding personality to the whole thing. It has been a LOT of laughs; the hour is great fun.

Basically this 2H routine is a way to introduce glorified reels down the line so that they really don't look like reels down the line. To date we have the opening choreography, which was done so that it will work just like the treble reel 2H, where it can be done with two dancers, or multiple pairs of dancers in a way that makes it look like a large group dance.

Here it is so far, with people learning in various capacities:

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