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Inis Cairde School of Irish Dance

Champ material 2019-2020


Girls' full reel, over 2 3 lead & 1 2 up 1st

Girls' full reel, kick lead, kicking 1st

Boys' full reel, all steps

Girls' Reels
Boys' Reels

Slip Jigs

Full Slip Jig, over 2 3 in lead, pt & pt up 1st

Full Slip Jig, bird in lead, & jump cut down 1st w spin & butterfly


Lead B front click

Lead B var boys: drags at start

Lead B var 1: twisty tips at start, both footwork variations in the corner

Lead B twisty tips & heel drops at corner

1st step B: batter in front batterhop back at start

1st step Boys: heel stamp to side at start

1st step C: drag to en pointe & jump

Half B var 1: drag at end

Half B var 2: reverse drum at end into stepbatter toe in front

Half C: dbl into footwork & coming forward

HP leads
HP half steps
HP 1st steps

Treble Jigs

Lead B jump at start, corner either en pointe, or pt w bang

Lead C, lead B start with spin jump & boxes across

1st Step A: bang bang point (bang)

for the version without the turn at the end, see the first below for the full batter sequence after the front click

1st Step B var 1: Box with bangs at end or en pointe turn at end

video shows both, Peyton en pointe and Caroline battering

Another video of the1st Step B var 2: Box with en pointe turn at end

2nd Step A: step batter & toe & toe & toe w dbl at end

2nd Step B var 1: bang bang en pointe, batters at end

2nd Step B var 2: bang bang en pointe, two-foot en pointe at end (watch Caitlyn in the video; also has an alt start without rocks)

2nd Step C: Step B with one foot en pointe at start, two foot en pointe at end

Lead A bang bang out 234, out 234 (Matthew & Nate),  and bang bang out 23bang bang (Tristan)

TJ leads
TJ 2nd steps
TJ 1st steps

Treble Jig Sets

Three Sea Captains at 72

Planxty Hugh O'Donnell at 69

Version A w en pointe at start of step

Version B variation, heel drops in footwork, kick at start of set, different set ending

Three Sea Captains
Planxty Hugh O'Donnell

Hornpipe Sets

Ace & Deuce at 110

Full set, Nationals 2019

New start to set portion, fall 2019

Planxty Davis at 110

Ace & Deuce
Planxty Davis
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