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Inis Cairde School of Irish Dance

2017-18 Fitness and Physical Therapy

General Info
Fall 2017 Fitness and Physical Therapy Info and Drills

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Our trainer, Tim Kelly

Drills to improve overs:

Tips for Improving Overs

For drill variations, as well as the suggested number of repetitions, check out our comprehensive document on improving overs here

Leg Raises on the Stairs (quad strength):

Seated leg raises on two chairs:

Seated leg raises on the floor:

Drill for timing the back leg in overs, both up to speed (1st video) and in slow motion (2nd video):

Tips for Improving Toe Height

Drills to improve toe height:

Toe Raises on the Stairs:

Tips on Increasing Flexibility

Stretches to Improve Flexibility

Hamstring Stretch Laying Down:

On the wall: lay on your back in either a doorway or corner with your bum against the wall. Prop 1 leg at 90 degrees on the wall and keep the other straight as in the picture. Be sure to keep feet in parallel and not turned out. Hold for five minutes per side, twice per leg:

Standing hamstring stretch:

With your foot either on a raised step or on the floor, straighten your front leg, flex your foot, and keeping the back straight, reach with the opposite hand towards your foot. Hold for 20 seconds and do each leg three times:

Understanding Your Muscles

Basic Anatomy for Dancers:

Coming soon!

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